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Web Resource Management

Managed, Secured, Organized

Lacings, Inc., provides some of the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions to best manage your company’s presence and branding on the world wide web.

…powerful combination of back-end management and ever evolving optimization techniques…

Utilizing the basics of properly formatted, validating websites to the advanced techniques of metadata markup, your company will garner higher recognition by all the major search engines.

Our dedicated team is always keeping a keen eye out for emerging technologies, white-hat methods of improving a company’s overall foothold in the search engines and social media world – This powerful combination of back-end management and ever evolving optimization techniques produce a high volume of impressions and new visitor growth.

Our Personalized Management Services

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive Design
  • WordPress Setup and Maintenance
  • Product Database
  • Data Conversion, Cleanup and Databasing
  • Custom Developed Content Management System
  • Google/Bing Analytics and Tools
  • External Account Data Syncing
  • 3rd Party Validation of Standards
  • Existing Services Review and Repair
  • Social Media Integration
  • E-mail/MailChimp Campaign Advise
  • Form Development and Submission
  • Catalog Displays
  • Video Inclusion
  • Photo Galleries
  • Best Practices Review, Training and Oversight

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